Awakening Eros

Finding Pleasure in Dance, Movement & Creative Expression

November 22-December 13, 2021

7:30-8:45pm MT


Discover the joys embodied erotic expression!

Think of this as a yoga, dance and self-pleasure class in one.

This fun and interactive workshop is for those want to:

  • Feel at home in their body;
  • Experience more creativity, fun and expansion in their solo and partnered erotic explorations;
  • Feel more confident, empowered and connected with themselves and the universe.

Each class includes:

  • Grounding meditation;
  • Weekly lesson on using self-touch or movement for accessing pleasure (themes include: Touch, Breath-work, Energy movement and more);
  • Solo Dance/movement exercise;
  • Personal reflection;
  • Closing circle.

Open to those who self-identify as women, this four-week online workshop will provide you the space and the tools to creatively express your body, your eros and yourself.

Note: Dancing on camera can feel awkward. We totally get it. Turning on your webcam optional and your choice. Classes are not recorded.

"I loved taking this workshop with Ava! I felt safe and cared for throughout. Without hesitation I'd take another course with her."