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Reclaim desire.Reclaim pleasure.Reclaim your sense of self.

Couples or Individuals
Available Online or In-Person

For those who want to feel at home in their heart and body.

You’ve had moments of profound connection, yet it still feels like there’s something more to sex and relationships that you’re missing out on and you don’t know how to get there from here.

Did you know...

That your mind is your biggest sex organ?


It’s how we can feel immense pleasure in one moment, and shame, disinterest or dissociation in the next. And, it’s how we can get stuck in our head and feel totally disconnected from any pleasure at all.

Let's start by recognizing what you're up against.

It’s easy to feel discouraged if you’re not experiencing the pleasure and connection that you believe you should be, but let’s take a look at the bigger context.

You are seeking meaningful connection:

  • In a stressed and disconnected world;
  • That learned most of their relationship skills from porn, divorced parents, the media, the church and Hollywood.

This is all to say that your mind is juggling a lot right now.

Due to increased technology, environmental stressors and childhood conditioning, turning on your pleasure sensors is not as going to be easy as the flick of your light switch at night.

But, that’s not to say it can’t be…

I believe that great sex starts within. That is why I am passionate about helping you feel empowered in yourself and your sexuality.

Given that no two bodies are the same, each package is custom curated to your specific needs and goals.

A typical healing journey often includes simple-yet-powerful mindfulness, embodiment and communication tools to help you create a solid foundation within your own being. 

By cultivating profound self-love, you will develop as sense of calm and trust within your being (eg. getting out of the fight or flight response of daily life). This allows you to heal trauma, get out of your head, connect with your partner and feel sexual desire again.  

What Do I Get From This Program?

Coaching packages are curated based on your individual needs. Here is a sample of what your pathway could look like.

Level One: Awakening Self-Love:

You may expect to feel:

  • More empowered in your sexuality and relationships;
  • Better at boundary setting and communicating your desires;
  • Feeling more grounded and connected with your partner during sex;
  • Greater self-care;
  • Finding more creativity, pleasure and confidence in your body.

Level Two: Awakening Desire:

  • Discovering your individual anatomy of pleasure;
  • Learning how to increase and expand what feels pleasurable to you;
  • How to communicate your desires with a partner and better understand what feels good to them. 

Level Three: Awakening Sex & Spirit (4 night retreat at Clear Sky Center):

  • Using sexual energy as a doorway to profound healing and connection with the universe.

"I felt very supported and safe working with Ava. I look forward to doing more!"


How it Works

Sample Coaching Journey:
  • One: Intention setting & visioning;
  • Two: Understanding your personal patterns around consent and boundary setting;
  • Three: How to communication your consent and desires more effectively;
  • Four: Staying grounded during sex (a necessary tool for everything from healing trauma to tantric explorations);
  • Five: Understanding your unique sexual archetype and the Five Elements of Touch;
  • Six: Exploring the anatomy of arousal in men and women;
  • Seven: Integrating mindfulness into your eroticism;
  • Eight: Finding your voice (in the moment) and exploring new pathways to pleasure.
Each Session Includes:
  • Check-in: time for you to share your insights, progress and questions;
  • Simple guided grounding meditation: leave the day at the door and relax into your body;
  • Your weekly lesson: themes include communication, grounding, accessing greater pleasure, etc.;
  • Embodiment exercise: I guided you in a simple exercise to help integrate the lesson;
  • Closing: includes your final thoughts, a homeplay assignment and what to expect for next time.


What's Included in the Retreat at Clear Sky?

There is no better place to connect with your true self. The Four-Night retreat at Clear Sky Meditation Center includes:

  • Your own private cabin;
  • Daily sessions in our healing center;
  • Local organic meals served to you;
  • Airport pickup available from Cranbrook Intl. Airport:
  • Over 300-acres of walking trails to explore in the B.C. Rocky Mountains.
Do I Have to Take the Entire Program?

In short, no.

Some may feel satisfied after completing the Foundations package and don’t desire the more advanced practices of energy, sex and spirit.

Perhaps you have already done a lot of foundations work and are just looking to do a Somatic Retreat. This option may be available after careful assessment of your previous experience.

What if I Want Additional Sessions?

Some reasons for additional sessions include:

  • There is a significant emotional or physical trauma that requires greater attention and care;
  • One desires to go deeper on their journey beyond the scope of this program.

Additional sessions are agreed upon by both the client and practitioner at an amount that feels appropriate to both parties.

Will I Be Fully Healed By the End of Your Program?

If you’re asking whether you’ll be a tantric master sex god after twelve weeks, the answer is no.

But, you will feel much more sexually embodied, empowered and joyful.

Sex and relationships are a lifelong exploration, this program simply gives you the tools and map to start that journey well.

Do You Have Sex with your Clients?


If you are interested in Surrogate Partner Therapy, visit:

How Often Do You Recommend Sessions?

For the most quickest and most consistent progress, I recommend weekly sessions.

Not everyone is able to attend one session a week, in which case, one session every two weeks is fine.

Do Online Sessions Work?

Definitely! Although nothing can fully replace the experience of doing this work live with an experienced practitioner, I have personally experienced that many of these practices allow for powerful transformation through online sessions.

I Still Don't Fully Understand What you Do.

I totally get it! This is a new field and it’s difficult to explain without actually experiencing it for yourself. That’s why I’m happy to have a complimentary online 30-minute consultation to answer any other questions you have.