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Video: Revenge Porn: How I Found Healing

“It speaks volumes about our culture that we can take something that’s beautiful and transcendent and turn it into a weapon.”

Video: Am I a Creep? Healing Male Sexual Shame

“It’s not the sexual fantasy that’s wrong, it’s the culture that says sexual fantasy is wrong that is wrong.”

Blog: How Sex and Dharma Healed my Relationship with Women (and Myself)

“I realized how I had unconsciously been suppressing and belittling feminine energy because I believed it was weak, emotional, and less valuable than masculine energy.”

Blog: I Can't Tell My Partner How I'm Feeling

“My unwillingness to express my feelings had slowly layered hurt upon hurt. Small misunderstandings compiled into a painful fog of confusion, hurt, and shame.

“My mind had turned my partner into the enemy and it was determined to hide those wounds, in fear that she would know she had the power to hurt me.”